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Get a complete view to help you make better business decisions

FreePBX and Asterisk queue stats have been notoriously difficult to process or not designed with the user experience in mind. PowerQ has been designed to do all of the data handling, processing and visualisation with the user experience at the forefront of everything we do.

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Want to get complete oversight of your businesses call data? Book a free demo with our Technical Director to get a hands on view how we can visualise your call and queue data.  

Call metrics

Oversight of all your calls

Visualising call data and queue stats, our system is able to display the data you need to have an overview of your business. PowerQ is able to pull, visualise and then display FreePBX and Asterisk queue stats. Ensure accountability through your call stats.


See trends as and when they happen

Ensure your business is running like a streamlined ship. Identify trends and patterns in your business call stats such as times with high or low call volume. With these stats you can ensure your staffing levels, customers service levels and SLAs are being met.  

Side by side

Compare your metrics how you want

Compare queue stats and call stats from different office locations wherever they are in the world. PowerQ helps you to compare the same stats from any office or site which helps to give you a better overview of your business.  

Made to scale

Using PowerBI to visualise your data

Power BI is a Microsoft business intelligence tool that we use to visualise your data.  Using a cloud database, PowerQ uses Power BI to display and process your FreePBX and Asterisk queue stats giving you a clear, easy to use and dynamic data dashboard.  

Access anywhere

Made to work on desktop and mobile

PowerQ has been designed to support remote working. This gives you the ability to view and analyse your queue stats anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile.

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