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How does it work?

Using the cloud to visualise your data

Power Q uses Microsft Azure, SQL databases and Power BI to gather, process and display call data and the dashboard has been designed to display the data in a user friendly and easy to read appearance.

Asterisk FreePBX server

Data is collected from each Asterisk or FreePBX Linux server in your system. Every call, minute and second is pulled from here. This then forms the basis of how your data is visualised.

Azure storage

Next, the data is securely uploaded to containers on our Azure storage. This then enables us to process your call log data.

Azure data factory

Then, the data is processed by the Azure Data Factory into a secure SQL database, extracting the data PowerBi needs.


Then, the data is accessed by PowerBI and various complex queries sort and filter the data to provide the required reports.

Call queue stats

Once the data is added to PowerBI, we can then start to create you visualised reports which then give you amazing views of all your calls for all you sites.

Book a demo with us today.

Want to get complete oversight of your businesses call data? Book a free demo with our Technical Director to get a hands on view how we can visualise your call and queue data.  

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